It’s never fun to have nasty surprises come up, especially in your finances; on top of the dent it makes in your bank account, your sign really hates to have your stability shaken.

In order to avoid any shocks, take some time to go through your accounts and your spending habits and make sure everything is on the up-and-up. You might need to change your approach in the short-term to benefit yourself in the long-term, but the results will be worth it.

We tend not to think about how, by throwing caution to the wind, it can blow back and smack us in the face. When we decide to take a risk, we can ignore the consequences if we believe doing so will help us in even the slightest way.

But there can be a fine line between adventurousness and recklessness. Make sure your head and heart support the risk you might be considering now.

Mercury turns retrograde today, dear Taurus, and this shift can create a heavier atmosphere in which communications are taken a little more seriously and not necessarily correctly.

It’s temporary, but in the weeks ahead, while Mercury is retrograde, there can be some delays to manage. You could deal with more clerical problems than usual, misunderstandings, and a lack of clear messages coming through.

You may need to review financial matters. This is not the ideal time for making entirely new large purchases. Watch for fuzzy or wishful thinking, especially regarding practical affairs.

Aim to come at old problems from a new direction or perspective and open your mind to new ways of thinking and approaches. It’s a period for looking to the past for answers to current problems or delaying some matters while you make changes and refinements.

The Moon moves in harmony with your sign today, and it’s not only about escaping the ordinary, but it’s about expanding your experiences. Differences in opinion may figure strongly now, but you might decide to take things slowly.

Today’s Quote: “Free up that heart of yours Make room for new mistakes Newfound hurts Newfound wisdom There are life-changing moments just waiting for you to make a path, to move beyond your comfort zone, new moments, longing to share the stage with that heart of yours.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 11, 16, 27

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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