Matters of the heart could have a more mysterious vibe at this time. Questions might outnumber answers, and that might be something you find uncomfortable or unsettling.

But nothing stops you from asking direct questions to the one you love or want to be closer with. One authentic conversation could be all that’s needed to remove ambiguity, vagueness, or assumptions.

A financial snafu could bring tension into your love relationship today, something that you would rather avoid. You and other Taurians don’t like to lose your emotional stability, so you will benefit from going through bank account statements and bills with your mate in a comprehensive way now.

Once you spot your error, you’ll know what you have to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Dealing with life’s mundane realities can be bothersome, but it will provide a lovely contrast to the romance you also enjoy, which you may be able to do as soon as tonight.

Do your romantic relationships provide your life with a sense of meaning? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled through them? The Moon is in Capricorn and in your 9th house and is inviting you to reflect on these questions.

Relationships are so much stronger when we feel that those we are in connection with share similar beliefs and philosophies as ours. Not to say that you shouldn’t have any differences with your partner, on the contrary, these few days would be a great time to get into those kinds of discussions.

This allows you to connect on a spiritual level and not just an emotional. Just make sure that you and your partner agree on the fundamentals of life because then your relationship will serve as a propeller for you to develop where you seek to in your life.

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