As you dive into your reverie today, you may see visions of yourself in the future, living a joyful, fulfilling life full of love and romance.

You’re motivated to share your insights with a long-term partner or perhaps a new lover, and having a conversation fueled by your unstoppable imagination brings positivity and excitement into your romantic world, especially if you’ve been down in the dumps lately.

Your curiosity and penchant for insightful revelations is just the starting point of a fresh wave of passionate fulfillment that will take you into tomorrow and beyond.

There can be some frustrating vagueness to deal with in spots today, dear Taurus, and uncertainty can leave you feeling a bit sapped.

Try not to let worries or a feeling of being overwhelmed deflate you. Instead, take a bit of a break (if possible) to gather yourself. Inspiration may be lacking, and it’s important to feed your spirit with some positivity.

Fortunately, a Jupiter-Pluto influence is now serving to motivate you. It’s a general trend in your life that sticks with you, moving in and out of prominence, until November.

The recent Saturn-Pluto alignment reminded you of what’s most important, revealing structures in your life that are impermanent. Now, this Jupiter-Pluto transit encourages you to rebuild based on a new perspective or worldview.

Some might decide to retrain or take on a new line of study or project. You’re no longer as tolerant of procrastination or denial–you embrace your desire to grow, improve, and transform.

Learning through different perspectives is in focus. Changes in your experience of education, religion, adventure, and discovery are part of this, and you can find you’re redefining yourself as your mind, communications, and topics of interest are transforming in your life.

Is it up to you to enlighten a certain person? Are they not imaginative enough to see what you see in a situation? You may have bided your time patiently, crediting them with an ability to do so.

However, you may wonder why you must now point out what’s obvious. Are there benefits to you and this person by doing so? That appears to be the case.

Today’s Quote: “I think we have to own the fears that we have of each other, and then, in some practical way, some daily way, figure out how to see people differently than the way we were brought up to.” – Alice Walker

Lucky Numbers: 9, 10, 15, 22, 28, 31

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

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