As you dive into your reverie today, you may see visions of yourself in the future, living a joyful, fulfilling life full of love and romance.

You’re motivated to share your insights with a long-term partner or perhaps a new lover, and having a conversation fueled by your unstoppable imagination brings positivity and excitement into your romantic world, especially if you’ve been down in the dumps lately.

Your curiosity and penchant for insightful revelations is just the starting point of a fresh wave of passionate fulfillment that will take you into tomorrow and beyond.

It might be worth considering if it’s necessary to be careful about what you say or disclose to a loved one or a potential partner now.

As difficult as it may be, you could identify a reason to suppress certain feelings or emotions. Either or both might need to be assessed rationally. Permit yourself the time and space you may need to do so.

Seducing an intellectual into being less so is a major challenge for you, with today’s position of the planets. You know they find you extremely fascinating, but their programming just doesn’t allow for the expression of so much pent-up emotion.

They obviously need a little help, which you certainly intend to offer them. You only need to find the slightest chink in their armor to make an impact.

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