You may feel some dissatisfaction with the material things in life. Seeking out some spiritual guidance will help provide some spiritual calmness. There may be some trouble brewing in the lives of your closest friends. You will need to help and support them but make sure to not make them feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or self-conscious. There will be opportunities for some investment that you should take as they promise favorable returns.

You may experience some pain in the joints of your body. These are more likely to be caused by a lack of exercise and incorrect postures. So, you will need to work on your posture and make a schedule with a proper allotment of time for exercise. You will need to follow this schedule regularly otherwise the pain may worsen over time and reach a point where there will be no way of going back. Some divine music will also help with subsiding the pain.

You can feel detached from your emotions today. Feeling mostly unsatisfied, you feel start to question the vitality of the material things in your life. As you contemplate your possessions, you may encounter some divine revelation. It would beckon you to seek guidance from a spiritual healer. Your meeting with the healer will leave you satisfied and help get rid of the negative thoughts in your head allowing you to end the day on a more positive and happier note.

“One day I asked a wingless bird what will she do now. She replied, “If I can’t fly than I shall run. If I can’t run I shall walk. If I can’t walk I shall crawl. But I will never be stuck in cage.”

Colors of the day: Black, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: C, L, H

Cosmic Tip: Your emotions will be controlled by the moon, so let it guide you as it guides the tides.

Tips for Singles – Do not try to find your partner in every person you meet, the right one will find you when the time comes.

Tips for Couples – Experience spiritual healing together today.

SOURCEQuote: Joyce Guo
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