You are the kind of person who holds on to grudges but today feels different, and you may even reach out to one of your older friends whom you lost touch with and reconcile. For someone who is extremely moody and sensitive, you will also start feeling quite good today for the main reason that you got your friendship back and you feel much better about it.

You need a start to taking good care of your health, mainly because your gut health is not looking good. Drop the junk food and start eating healthy because we know how you end up binging on junk when you are stressed, moody, or sad, food is your go-to.

You may have been too hard on your partner and make sure that if the both of you argue, even if it is over trivial matters, the both of you sort it out before going to bed and make it a rule that you do not go to sleep before sorting out things because this will drastically improve the relationship with your partner and even gain a deeper understanding of your relationship as well.

“I think perhaps I will always hold a candle for you – even until it burns my hand.
And when the light has long since gone …. I will be there in the darkness holding what remains, quite simply because I cannot let go.”

Colors of the day: Blue, Yellow
Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 4
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Y, G
Cosmic Tip: Every ending is a new beginning.
Tips for Singles – You would rather be single than be with the wrong person.
Tips for Couples – You have to put in efforts, something more in a relationship.

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