Taurus, be more aware of the space around you today. Give them space to feel their emotions and allow them to be themselves. It’s a wonderful day for creative endeavors. You can do anything that involves music or art. You can sing, play an instrument or boost your music collection. Opportunities are available now to involve others who have the same interests.

The planetary alignment helps you do what’s best for your physical health. You should not be out of your regular routine this month for any reason. Make sure you get the exercise and dietary support you require. Healthy foods provide nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and great taste. The best exercises provide good blood pressure and flexibility as well as balance. Bikram yoga can help strengthen your lower back and legs.

If your partner and you have been fighting for some time, today will be a more difficult day. You can’t remain silent. Use the energy from the day to find out the truth and get clear air. You can then enjoy the evening.

“No matter how dark it seems right now I promise you can get through it! There’s always a better day, another chance and something amazing waiting for you down the road! And also today you’re not alone.”

Colors of the day: Coral Red, Gray

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, V

Cosmic Tip: Keep your hopes and dreams high to achieve great things.

Tips for Singles: Be hopeful in matters of the heart, but do not be impatient.

Tips for Couples: Try to make your partner understand your needs and desires.

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