Taurus – Right now, you may feel overwhelmed by conflict between your needs and those of your family. You may feel anxious and stressed and wonder if this situation can ever be fixed. Don’t panic. You won’t be the worse off for it. Balance is the key word, and it’s easy to find. It’s possible! This will be a great learning experience.

The transit is making this an ideal time to cleanse your body. This should be done at least twice per year. Start the process by looking at your body. Water is vital throughout the process. Try to limit your intake of raw vegetables and fruits for a few days if you can. If you listen to your body, you might find that you feel more energetic and lightened.

The planets’ position today may be the reason you don’t have to justify why you behave differently towards a person. While you can offer them a variety of long and complicated reasons, you may not be able to acknowledge certain emotions that you don’t want. You will not be able get away with it for very long.

“Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living fucking worthwhile.”

Lucky color– Fuchsia pink and black

Lucky number– 9, 2 and 5

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with– A and L

Cosmic tip– Generosity can swing things upside down. Little courtesy and generosity can take a man a long way.

Tip for singles– Learn to enjoy your alone time as well. Things take their own time.

Tip for couples– Do not hesitate in showing a little PDA. Flaunt your partner and let the world know what a beautiful gem of a person you have got.

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