Your emotions can deceive you today. Scorpio, be cautious about making judgments about things. You should take time to gather the facts, or you could regret making an uninformed decision later. People and situations you will encounter in the future are likely to prove unreliable, stubborn, or emotional. You can simply ignore these situations and deal with them later.

Learning something new involves a lot of stopping and starting again. Think of a baby learning how to walk. Think about learning another language. Two things you should remember are encouragement from within and not giving up! You can feel good about the accomplishment you get from making smart decisions. Do not forget to praise yourself!

The energy of the planets encourages you to find a thousand and one reasons not to be with a particular person but one powerful, controversial reason. The oddball in you is a favorite, but not being part of the crowd. You may be noticed by the date that you’re considering, but do you want it to give you what you need?

“Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living fucking worthwhile.”

Lucky color- Dark red, silver, and pink

Lucky number– 3 and 8

Lucky alphabet you will get in sync with– S, J, and Y

Cosmic tip– “Unlock the window of your heart and explore new horizons.

Tips for Single– Connect with real-world people. Keep your phone aside and stop playing these virtual games.

Tips for Couples– Do not let the small things come into the way of your big picture.

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