You know there is no shortcut to success in a particular area. Effort will bring rewards – but are you certain that your heart really is ‘in it’ to ‘win’ whatever-it-is?

Any doubts might be a symptom of feeling unsure if you can tackle something alone. Before doubts override optimism, consider if teamwork will make your dream work. Partnering up might be an option worth a closer look.

Business transactions related to luxury goods, entertainment, food, and art could be put back on track now. This is a real relief, as things have been up in the air for longer than anyone liked.

If you’re negotiating a salary, fee, or price point, demand what you are worth. Demonstrating that you have high standards commands respect.

People will be less likely to take advantage of you when you hold yourself in high esteem. Venus, your ruling planet, is turning direct in your 2nd House of Earned Income today, so you should feel confident about your financial prospects.

Your ruling planet, Venus, ends its retrograde phase today, dear Taurus, and you’re likely to feel clearer and more confident in the weeks ahead. Ideally, the last six weeks have helped you gain a better understanding of your needs and wants.

You’re now looking at yourself, your personal goals, and your image in a different light, helping you to make more informed decisions going forward. You may feel that you’re given second chances or picking up the pieces.

Life seems a little easier when you know what’s in your heart. There can be some nice opportunities to enjoy new interests or take a fresh look at old problems in the upcoming days and weeks.

Financial problems, delayed income or projects, and confusion over property can clear. Who or what you’re attracting into your life can change gears now. Relationships tend to be more predictable.

Even so, the change itself can intensify problems temporarily, or at least we perceive things in this vein. It’s best not to make or break commitments while this shift is occurring, so be sure to take your time. In the second half of today, you may feel more determined, engaged, and ready to share your happiness.

Today’s Quote: “So if you’re going through a tough time right now, just know that it’s happening because it’s teaching you a lesson. The hurt you’re feeling will help you appreciate something amazing in the future. Believe.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 8, 20, 34, 35, 36, 38

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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