You have finally managed to get over one of the toughest phases in your life, and it is time that you let go of all the negative feelings associated with that time, and move on. It will not be easy but you must try because you will not be able to move on and go about with your life if you do not move past that phase.

You have been paying attention to your health and taking care of what you eat every single day as well. Exercising and eating right is something that you have adopted in the past few months and are still following through it which is why you have been doing well mentally and physically. You love the person you have become, and you should because you have gone through a lot of changes in recent times.

You are someone who needs to communicate how you feel with your close ones, which is why people find you open and understanding because you can empathize. Often, you forget to take care of yourself and tend to put others first. This can be emotionally draining, not only but mentally as well which is why you should keep your needs first, rather than someone else’s needs.

“Don’t blame yourself. You believed what he/she told you, because you trusted him/her. You’re a warm, open, trusting person. And you’re trustworthy. Trustworthy people like us always get screwed, because we expect other people to be like us. Don’t let his/her bad behavior make you question yourself.”

Colors of the day: Orange, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, O

Cosmic Tip: Hard work pays off, continue working hard towards your goals.

Tips for Singles: Explore yourself and let go of the past.

Tips for Couples: Maintain a healthy relationship by allowing quality time for yourself and your partner.

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