Life will keep pressuring you until you know the hack to release the pressure. The key is to be patient even in hard times. You have found this key and will start working on making your emotions stable from today. To your surprise, even your family members will support you unconsciously on your journey of improvement. Maintain a journal of how far you’ve gone.

You need to start taking better care of your diet and to make sure that you are not messing up your lifestyle again. You are on the right track; you have to pay more attention to what goes on in your body to lead a healthy and fit life. You are the kind of person who would pay more attention to the health of your loved ones than yours, and it is time you paid more attention to yourself.

Today, including mental health in your priority list. You know that mental health is important but from the past few days, your mental health has been a little disturbed. Use this day to find the reason behind this. If it helps, talk to a close friend about your situation and they will be right there to help you out. You can also write your emotions in a diary to keep record of how you’re feeling.

“Don’t blame yourself. You believed what he/she told you, because you trusted him/her. You’re a warm, open, trusting person. And you’re trustworthy. Trustworthy people like us always get screwed, because we expect other people to be like us. Don’t let his/her bad behavior make you question yourself.”

Colors of the day: Gold, Blue, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, G, T

Cosmic Tip: Believe in your abilities and yourself.

Tips for Singles: Fall in love with yourself.

Tips for Couples: Talk about your insecurities with your partner.

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