Taurus, you could be having difficulty reaching out to others today. You might lose your email address or be left hanging in an endless phone tag. It’s tempting to give up, but do not quit trying. You can keep going! While you wait, find something to do. You will eventually make contact. Talking to friends about your feelings could be gratifying at more than one level.

Today’s energies ignite your spirit. It is true that you have the belief that you are capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could harness all of that energy? Regular exercise actually increases the energy in your body, which then translates into strong muscles. You will notice the positive effects of focusing your energy on your body. To replenish your vital fluids, remember to drink water every time you exercise.

Today might bring a smile on a tired, exhausted, or otherwise unhappy pair of lips. Don’t despair if your love life has been going downhill. You could find someone who can cheer you up and even have a great time. You just need to forget your job and be free to let go of control.

“Keep going and remind yourself that there will never be a perfect time to do things differently, or to pursue something that genuinely scares you.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, Orange, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, R

Cosmic Tip: Keep going like the clock instead of watching it!

Tips for Singles: New days bring new people and opportunities.

Tips for Couples: The most important person is the one with you.

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