People could be depending on you today in many different ways. Make sure you do not disappoint anyone. It can feel as though judges are reviewing your performance. This concept can be overwhelming. It is important to do your best and not be perfect.

The planets’ positions today will strengthen your determination to accomplish things. You should aim the arrow precisely where you need it to be – but do not let go too quickly. This transit will help you achieve your goal, however, it is possible to make premature judgments if you are too eager to see the best. Focus on the task at hand and finish it. Do what’s best for you: Exercise, eat right and drink plenty of water.

When your balance is restored, it’s difficult to imagine how it would feel to be in love with your partner for so long. Today’s celestial arrangement may offer a hint of how this might feel. Take this obsession as it comes, and then go back to normal.

“No, they didn’t leave you because they didn’t love you. They left you because they didn’t love themselves enough to believe that they could be different.”

Colors of the day: Fuschia, Brown

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, S

Cosmic Tip: Understand and place trust in the concern.

Tips for Singles: Ego can destroy beautiful bonds.

Tips for Couples: Talk it out with your partner.

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