Any delays or setbacks you have experienced in your pursuit of education or travel will begin to be eased now. You will be able to settle into a more stable routine of study and make plans that actually hold up.

If you have had difficulty seeing the bigger picture lately, your vision should begin to clear up today. Your recent period of confusion has shown you what you truly know and which beliefs are truly useful, and what you merely assume or unconsciously take for granted.

You might face some obstacles or slowdowns today, dear Taurus, or you feel blocked from fully expressing yourself or your desires. You could be feeling that you’re stuck in the past, unable to move forward.

A Mars-Saturn square that first occurred in the last week of August recurs today, and you can feel a strong need to put challenging situations behind you. Feeling restricted or fed up can be a strong motivator to make positive changes and improvements!

While these days are generally strong for your work and routines, sidetracking or other issues can interfere with productivity today.

The Sun opposes Chiron today, exposing your soft spots. The determination to not let the little things get you down will save the day. There can be initial discomfort, but the chance for more self-understanding is real.

Heads and hearts always want to work closely together. This would probably be easier if they didn’t offer such contrasting advice sometimes. Your head usually wants you to do what’s logical or sensible.

Your heart can be inclined to push you to be daring or bold. If such a message comes from your heart now, then it’s worth heeding. But if your head is trying to get your attention by urging you to proceed slowly and maybe even cautiously, then don’t ignore it.

Today’s Quote: “I am nowhere near understanding Time. It seems to be a direction in which sentience can only move one way and perceive the other, but it also destroys, and twists, and swallows, making legacies differ from, or even oppose, intent. It annihilates, repeats, erases. It is too alien to me.”

Lucky Numbers: 10, 23, 28, 31, 32, 36

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

Creativity: Fair

Love: Good

Business: Good

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