Give your home a little zhush this Monday, September 28. Unexpected company could drop by, and with Venus and Mars canoodling in a semi-rare trine, you might be doing more than just sitting around and shooting the breeze.

Coupled Bulls, spark up those tea lights and turn up that “let’s get in the mood” playlist. Enjoy the intimate vibes while they last because on Tuesday, all you’ll want to do is cast the widest possible net. Heavenly hustler Saturn snaps out of a retrograde that began on May 11 and forges ahead through Capricorn and your ninth house of horizon-broadening adventures. Expansion plans pick up speed between now and December 17, which could involve an interstate move, starting an LLC or going back to school before 2020 is through. Saturn is the planet of mastery, so whatever path you choose to pursue, you’ll want to be guided by the best of the best.

Perhaps you feel ready to join the “expert industry” and develop a curriculum of your own. If you’re an entrepreneur or media maker—or have a manuscript inside of you that’s burning to be written—move ahead on that mission. Meticulous Saturn helps you map out a step by step process, ensuring that you’ll actually get this done! But first: Do you need to bow out of other obligations or set up boundaries with people who are interfering with that goal? With fearless Mars squaring Saturn on Tuesday, draw those lines!

On Thursday, October 1, the year’s only full moon in Aries illuminates your twelfth house of endings, transitions and healing. Need to release something or someone that’s standing in your way? Stepping away is always a challenge for your tenacious sign, but think of this as part of your natural spiritual evolution. Be sure to buffer yourself with support. Teachers, guides and “earth angel” mentors will present themselves over the next two weeks, so open your heart to their offerings. This is a day for internal reflection. Clear some whitespace on the calendar to rest, meditate, journal or just be alone with your thoughts. It’s a perfect moment to do energy healing or work with another holistic practitioner. Concentrate on what you’re gaining, not losing, to keep your willpower strong.

A shiny new thing could reveal itself as soon as Friday! Your galactic guardian, glamorous Venus, shifts into Virgo, stoking the embers of your passionate fifth house until October 27. Romantically, Venus brings a reset. Try a different dating app or get involved in extracurriculars (yes, even on Zoom) where you stand a chance of meeting someone who shares your values and interests.

With service-driven Virgo ruling your romance house, that might be an activist meetup, or a group centered around self-development. Attached Bulls will feel inspired to co-create, which, under this fertile cycle, could mean anything from remodeling the kitchen to making actual babies. Keep your expectations manageable. Pleasure planet Venus wants you to enjoy the process. You don’t need performance anxiety or the pressure to produce zapping the sexiness out of your endeavors.

On Sunday, you’ll feel another surge of momentum when Pluto follows in Saturn’s footsteps, ending a five-month retrograde that began on April 25. Here’s another cue to look beyond what’s familiar and take a savvy risk in the name of progress. You’re ready for something new, even if you’re not exactly sure how it will all play out in a five or ten-year plan.

That’s the beauty of alchemical Pluto revving up in this visionary zone: You can stay open to different opportunities and test the waters without having to go all in. The ninth house is all about expanding your horizons—literally and figuratively—so you’ll get almost as much satisfaction from researching and planning a major journey as you will actually taking it! (A good thing in 2020.) Start strength training for that long-distance bike ride with a home set-up and regular “leg days.” You’ll be ready to pedal off into adventure, maybe even before the pandemic ends.

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