You can find a way to stay grounded today, making up for the intensity of everything else happening around you. As an objective observer, you are able to watch life from a place of neutrality.

Confront situations that arise with a fixed mindset you know what you are doing, so don’t waver in your resolve.

The decisions you make now are well-balanced between emotion and logic, giving you the ability to take charge of situations and assert leadership abilities with precision.

It’s easy to feel deflated when we sense our efforts bring nothing or assistance we need isn’t forthcoming.

You might wonder if you speak a different language where making key points to others is concerned. But don’t abandon your efforts. Some people might be slow off the mark, but they hear you.

With Venus now in your solar eighth house until January 8th, dear Taurus, you’re in a terrific position to manage your emotions and personal life. A rational, light approach to heavier topics can help you make sense of things and reach agreements with others.

A relationship might get a boost from confidential or intimate talks and clarifications. In the weeks ahead, you’re in a good position to observe and process your feelings.

With money and love, you’re more strategic and observant than spontaneous. This period is one of the better ones for attracting the support you need or for special enjoyment of your intimate life, whether with others or in your relationship with yourself.

You can get the chance to uncomplicate or sort through emotional issues, financial problems, and struggles that arise from complicated power dynamics. Today’s energies are mostly smooth, but there can be the need to keep impatience or restlessness in check.

Today’s Quote: “We all have negative thoughts now and then, but we can choose not to dwell there and not to let them control us.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 8, 9, 23, 25, 28, 39

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

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