Whether It’s tension you’re dealing with or a perceived lack of progress generally in your emotional world, take a step back to see something in the right perspective.

There’s a bigger picture begging to be seen, and it contains more positivity than anything negative or doubtful.

This could also help you to focus less on the minutiae of your emotional world. Getting too close to a romantic relationship matter could mean you don’t see ‘the wood for the trees’, as they say.

Can you be the eye of the energetic hurricane today? It may seem as if there’s chaos fueling your current love life circumstances, but you possess the strength and emotional stability to deflect drama and steer clear of trouble.

You may be asked to make a decision before you’re ready, but because your logic and emotions are nicely balanced at the moment, you will make choices wisely.

Whether these are your leadership qualities coming through, or you’re just feeling extra confident about what you want from love, it’s working for you.

The Moon is in Capricorn and in your 9th house, however it is squaring Mars in your 12th house today. This configuration is emphasizing how being transparent with your partner about the things that you generally don’t share with others helps you achieve more connection and fulfillment within the relationship.

We are so conditioned to keep certain things to ourselves because otherwise we would supposedly be judged or ostracized by others. However, having such beliefs in your partnerships makes it much harder to have a spiritual connection with your significant other.

Also, what are your unconscious negative patterns in relationships that end up sabotaging them? Having similar life beliefs and philosophies with your lovers generally helps you work through those things a lot easier.

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