Today can be excellent for finding ways to improve your family and home life, or your relationship with yourself and your inner world, dear Taurus. This can be literal or figuratively speaking or both! Plans to organize your home environment may be drawn up or considered now.

The upcoming weeks bring increased focus on domestic matters, and it makes sense to think up ways to smooth out and boost your personal life now. You may come into the resources or support to do so.

Conversations with or about loved ones can be constructive, and researching information you need can be useful. Financial planning is favored. The Moon moves out of your sign early in the day, and this is another indicator of a stronger focus on the practical or material side of things you want results!

Clarity or confirmation can come to your personal or private life now, and support or sound advice can leave you feeling more secure and emotionally together.

There are many intriguing ideas floating around in your head now, and it’s up to you to pick one that leads to success. You are in the process of shifting gears but you might not be sure yet which direction you’re going.

Nevertheless, change is already afoot, but it will take months for the larger picture to become clear. There’s no reason to force a choice prematurely. Continue to explore your alternatives, leaving no stone unturned. The more you know, the more your confidence grows.

With life only going to get busier in the second half of the year, taking the time to connect might not be a priority. Yet it is not only a necessity, but today needs to be more important than anything else.

As Mars spends his last full day in your communication sector he’s able to push through barriers, but more importantly, gives you the courage to be vulnerable. With major developments ahead it’s important to not only have the communication lines open, but in an authentic way.

Daily Numbers

16, 18, 25, 27, 32, 42

Daily Compatibility


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