Your ability to charm, soften, and satisfy others is powerful, dear Taurus. There is a distinctly impulsive tone to the atmosphere around you and within you right now, so this added dose of natural calm can undoubtedly come in handy.

With tonight’s New Moon, home and family matters are in high focus, and new energy is with you to make improvements to these areas of your life. You might immerse yourself in family projects or home improvement activities.

It’s best to treat today as a transitional day rather than a time for bold moves. Mercury also turns direct after several weeks of retrograde motion.

This move is excellent for increasing clarity and forward progress in the days and weeks ahead, likely in communications, studies, transportation, home, family, and health. New information should emerge in the coming days that sets you on a different path.

Focus on your definitions of belonging and kinship today. A cozy cave means everything while the proud Leo New Moon spotlights your 4th House of Home and Family.

What is going right in your domestic world and where do you need to press the reset button? Thankfully, any confusion in communication begins to clear up as messenger Mercury ends its retrograde period.

Clarify your position so that everyone in your biological or chosen family knows where you stand. By sharing your heart, you can feel the peace unfold around you.

The second Mercury phase of 2019 ends today but this still means that some care will need to be taken with all forms of correspondence.

A Mercury retrograde phase is a time when mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes happen, but only if you rush or hurry things that want to be taken slowly.

This is especially sensitive when Mercury is on the turn, with a need for patience as the brakes come off. With Mercury in your communication sector, this makes it important to think before speaking or before pushing ‘send’.

Today’s Quote: “Count your blessings, not your problems. Count your own blessings, not someone else’s. Remember that jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own.”

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 32, 38, 42, 49

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

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