You are regaining your enthusiasm for your ideas today, dear Taurus, and expressing yourself far more positively and confidently, which secures the right responses from others.

It’s an excellent time for meeting someone, and especially for enjoying the company of a person who is already in your life.

There can be a settling of a past matter or an agreement made now. Teaming up with a partner can be useful, and you’ll find that people are giving one another the benefit of the doubt.

Connecting with and building faith in a relationship can be in focus and rewarding now. Others can benefit from your know-how.

Later today, tensions may be rising, however, as Mercury and Mars build to an opposition.

You can find it challenging to stay in the here-and-now, possibly because people around you seem to be nervous, aggressive, or too focused on right and wrong.

Nothing real can be threatened, even when things seem more surreal than solid. Remember this principle of certainty today when the emotional haze confuses all manners of social connections.

Although it may be unsettling to feel so nebulous, trust that this temporary illusory state is a gift.

Nothing unreal exists and knowing this is your secret weapon. Your charm is endearing, but not everyone has to see things from your perspective for you to establish common ground.

Just four minutes separate Chiron’s retrograde turn in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and the Moon’s return today, with each exacerbating the influence of the other.

The planet of healing is already in a reflective part of your chart, with his retrograde turn ushering in a new and deeper sense of nostalgia.

To have nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes kick in just minutes later, sets the scene for a healing and cathartic nostalgic trip down memory lane over the coming days.

Today’s Quote: “Sometimes the best revenge is just a simple smile, to let them know you’re doing just fine.”

Lucky Numbers: 1, 25, 27, 31, 43, 48

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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