Dear Taurus, in your personal life, you are feeling irritated which makes you blame others for it. You are wanting to change this habit as soon as possible but something stops you from doing so. Today it would be best if you spend some time alone to figure out what is going on with you. It is never fine to blame others on how we are feeling as other people operate out of their tendencies and we operate with ours.

Dear Taurus, when irritation or any kind of negative emotion takes its peak inside of your system, its effects become instantly available and visible on your body. It is time that you start taking care of yourself and not live in the future. Harboring expectations and not working towards them is detrimental to oneself. Drink an ample amount of water and relax back. If you start doing this, a doctor’s visit may just be vanished from near future from your life.

Dear Taurus, your emotions tend to move up and down. You feel or are in search of a constant company that can take care of your emotions Dear Taurus. But that is not the right way of calming one’s emotions. You do not have to do this. Once you start spending some time alone with yourself, you will realize that seeking company all the time is just a distraction from experiencing the absolute stillness which is present within everyone else.

“You poor kids! You talking children, that don’t know anything about anything that matters! Don’t you see? I can’t play either of your games. I’m ME! I’m going to be me! Oh, if you do love me a little, let me be me! Good-by.”

Lucky Color: Royal Purple

Lucky Number: 4, 9

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with – A, L, M

Cosmic Tip: Never make a relationship a market transaction of giving and take.

Tips for Singles: If you learn to enjoy your company, you can enjoy anyone’s company in the world.

Tips for Couples: Do not dwell too much on the past.

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