Dear Scorpio, you are trying to improve yourself in all aspects of life whether it is professional life or personal life. The most significant thing that you need to work on is your anger. When you are angry, no one can stop you other than yourself. Many people in the past have also told you that you have anger issues. Hence, you are working or wanting to work on it right now through going to a therapist, etc.

Get any required medical test done if necessary as it will provide insight into the kind of problem slowly persisting in your body. If you are feeling any kind of pain or weakness, you should immediately seek medical consultation.

You have tons of vigor and energy Dear Scorpio. Hence, it would be for the best if you have tools with you to guide your powerful emotions before they take a disastrous turn. It is best if you end up doing yoga and meditation to harness the powerful pull of your emotions and channel them into something positive. It will also prevent your energy from dissipating and you will be left calmer.

“You poor kids! You talking children, that don’t know anything about anything that matters! Don’t you see? I can’t play either of your games. I’m ME! I’m going to be me! Oh, if you do love me a little, let me be me! Good-by.”

Colors of the day: Red, Purple, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, B

Cosmic Tip: Breathing and thinking are deeply interconnected.

Tips for Singles: Looks do not matter. What matters is how you are.

Tips for Couples: Expectations slowly rot a relationship from inside.

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