Dear Leo, a lot of people in this world tend to misunderstand your chatty behavior as trying to snoop on them. It hurts you a lot when people make misconceptions about you in their heads without ever trying to be open with you. Today you will be contemplating this issue and verbally arguing with yourself. But what is important to understand is that you can’t prevent people from ever stepping on your shoes Dear Leo. Hence, all you got to do is be you and do you!

You are not doing too well Dear Leo. Lately, you might have been finding it difficult to wake up and keep yourself attentive throughout the day. You may also consider it as a symptom of depression but it is simply not so. All you have to do is formulate a plan or a to-do list for the day and try to follow it. There is no depression or sustained blue feelings in store for you. Although you should consult medical consultation if you are feeling weak and lethargic in the body.

Emotionally, it sometimes gets difficult for you to cry Leo when challenging times strike you down to the ground. You have to find a way where you will be able to express your emotions to someone or yourself without breaking down completely because it only makes you weaker Leo. Try to remind yourself of all the capabilities you possess and never back down.

“You poor kids! You talking children, that don’t know anything about anything that matters! Don’t you see? I can’t play either of your games. I’m ME! I’m going to be me! Oh, if you do love me a little, let me be me! Good-by.”

Colors of the day: green and mustard yellow

Lucky numbers of the day: 3 and 8

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: p and j

Cosmic Tip: If we all try to act according to the situation demands, vices like greed, malice, etc. won’t take place in society.

Tips for Singles: Travel as far and as many times as you can to truly be able to rearrange your mind the right way.

Tips for Couples: Explore the similarities.

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