You may worry your plans won’t pan out as you expect today. Ironically, your concerns could turn out to be true if you focus on them too much.

Although it’s wise to put your ducks in a row before involving others in your scheme, everything could fall apart if you ignore the details. Nevertheless, your current path might lead to satisfaction if you start slowly and build momentum as you go along.

Gold medalist Kim Collins said, “Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”

You know that your satisfaction in the world and your sexuality are more important than that vision you are trying to create for other people.

The spasm you are feeling while trying to meet the expectations of those who don’t know you very well will easily turn your life into gray and black, taking away its colors.

The energy you get from relationships that set a good basis for the future will keep you focused for months if you embrace what is given without prejudice.

The final days of your old solar year are a time of reflection, but with Mercury and Mars in Taurus new doors are already opening.

This allows you to see through those open doors to what your new solar year might hold.

In particular the focus needs to be on Mars, who once he leaves on Friday won’t be back for nearly two years. Mars holds the key to what it is that excites you.

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