Thinkers, Humanitarians and Progressive souls, what a perfect description for the air sign Aquarius. This zodiac is always fun to be around and have a lot to them, than you will ever know. Eager to know them a little better? Let’s get started. Read these amazing things which you should know before dating an Aquarius. “KNOW WHY THEY ARE AMAZING”…

1. Good Listener
You can talk your heart to them and they will listen to you with all their interest. They won’t make you feel that you need to stop. They have a soft heart and are the best in need shoulders. They very well understand that the best way for being there for someone is just to stay quiet and not say a word.

2. Intellectual Mind
These people are born with a progressive mindset. They would prefer good for all than for one. They believe in taking society further and are known to reach great levels in life.

3. Visionaries
An aquarian will always know what they want in next five to ten years and how to get it. Planning and setting goals and working towards their achievement is the basis of their life.

4. Fun Loving
There is never a dull moment with an aquarian around. They are full of life and will fill yours with the same. They love life and life loves them right back. They have the right mix of almost everything in life.

5. Sincere Partner
Aquarians aren’t that expressive and they take time in getting close. But intimacy is very important for them. They won’t rush into things but would want to take one step at a time. They believe in doing the right thing at the right time. There is no hush-hush rules in life. They believe life to be real and meaningful than being a fairytale. It’s a good thing I guess.

6. Expressionless Yet Warm
They might not be good in expressing how they feel or what they want but being extremely helpful wins them a lot of friends. They know “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” and they are definitely the best examples to it. Do not judge them on their inability to express. It’s just one of their loopholes.

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