You tend to close your heart at the first breath and sign of trouble. Be the one to resist the temptation and stay open for the world today, for as much as your experiences might hurt, there are ways to learn to protect yourself and continue to care.

The sign of Taurus has the ability to take everything to the physical plane and make it functional and beautiful at the same time. Enjoy your creative nature instead of shoving it aside to care for obligations that can wait.

Sometimes your commitment to fulfilling your obligations is readily apparent by watching you at work. Your one-track mind is a wonder to behold; distractions don’t seem to affect your determination.

However, people might mistakenly think you are being lazy today, when in fact you are regrouping and preparing for your next round of observable progress. Joyce Meyer teaches, “Patience is not simply the ability to wait; it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”

It might be helpful to step back and assess why you’re as keen as you are to throw yourself into a certain plan or project – and if your desire to do so is to please or impress someone else more than yourself.

The main risk now surrounds you setting unreasonable expectations that are far higher than what someone else has in mind. Don’t be such a hard taskmaster on yourself.

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