There is a lot happening during the Sun’s first full day in Taurus and the first full day of your birthday month and new solar year.

Both Mercury and Mars will leave Taurus today, almost as though they have waited for the Sun in order to pass the baton. Meanwhile, if a snapshot of today’s developments are a sign of things to come, then this is one solar year to get excited about.

Thanks to the Moon your professional instincts are sharp as the most lucrative months of 2017 kick off.

It’s wonderful to reconnect with your place in the world but you’re not so sure that everything is moving along according to schedule.

In fact, you might be worried that your friends will choose a path into the future that doesn’t include you.

Your insecurities must be resolved now or things will get worse before they start to improve.

The truth is your concerns are valid, but your conclusions are not. If you are navigating by your metaphysical center of gravity, someone else’s judgments won’t deter you from your course.

You feel like you are a part of a secret meeting, unsure of what will happen next.

There is just enough time to deal with leftover emotions, but the moment such as this one needs you to be confident and strong enough to endure through some energetically challenging situations.

Exalted Venus in Pisces brings so many promises your way. Be hopeful but still realistic enough to understand where the borderline of possibilities truly is.

With your feet firmly on the ground, there is nothing you cannot do.

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