An overdose of enthusiasm is particularly troublesome for you slow-and-steady Bulls today. But it’s nearly impossible to avoid the effects of overblown Jupiter when it increases your confidence so much that you believe you can do anything.

Unfortunately, you may disappoint your coworkers when you bump up against limitations of time, energy or resources. Don’t wait until difficult circumstances require you to address your miscalculation. Reassess your commitments early in the day so you can take preemptive measures and readjust expectations as soon as possible.

You are rushing into someone’s arms, forgetting to see how fragile you are being at the moment. There is nothing wrong with such a sensitive emotional state, except in the case when you are completely unprotected from the world and open for judgment and negativity of others.

Climb on a higher step of evolution and be prepared to see things for what they are. Resisting the truth won’t bring anything good your way, however magical the world behind a veil of illusion might seem.

Are you telling someone what you think they want to hear? Perhaps, it’s you who’s on the receiving end of empty advice.

In any case, an exchange between you and someone has ‘superficial’ written all over it so take time to ensure if you’re offering advice, it contains truth and honesty. You’ll soon spot the way advice coming your way is being said mechanically and without sincerity.

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