by Takaki

With different zodiac sign having come different perceptions and attitude towards life, love and work. However, decoding an individual becomes both crucial and difficult. This is where astrology comes to your rescue. Given below are the actual meaning of each zodiac sign.


Associated with the season of spring where everything is new again is what Aries are. They exude innocence and have a willful spirit. Aries are adventurous to the core and fearless too which makes them unbeatable. However they can clog themselves with negativity and turn out to be impulsive. They should learn to slow down in life.

They are associated with the planet of love and luxury. Taurus have a very soft and romantic side to them and offers very steady true love. They are very giving and also born pleasure seekers. However they can be stubborn like a ragging bull. Taurus have the tendency to over indulge in food and money. They should learn to believe in themselves and radiate it

They are associated with the intellect and mind. Gemini are chatter boxes who hold the ability to talk the leg off a table. Also to win friends and influence people. But their problem is that they are highly changeable. They should learn to develop their intuition.This will work great with them.

Cancer’s are known as home lovers. They are extremely loyal and protective. Cancer’s have family oriented goals always. They make the best of parents because of their devotion and nurturing nature. In business they are believed to be movers and shakers also they tend to have financial insecurities. They should learn to work on their possessiveness and not to get too clingy.

5. LEO
Leos are guided by the sun and thus they have rainbow colored Auras. They have the ability to light up any area like the bright lamps. Great entertainers , they are born to be a star. Extreme warmth and generosity is embedded in them. But they should try not be extra showy and should not take things personally. They need to learn to be good listeners and understand the other person.

Virgos have an association with healing and clearing lower energies. This sign is the most disciplined of all. Known perfectionists. Very real and great counselors. However they tend to get finicky and meek. They should learn to create a breathing room for playing and relaxing.

Associated with love and beauty. Libras aim to balance and are best in healing disagreements.They have love for the finest things and know how to earn and spend well. They have the power to make things happen. But they have fixed opinions and are strong headed. They need to learn to agree rather than disagree.

They are associated with death rebirth and sexual intimacy. Scorpios are truly fearless and have strong developed principles. But they might hold onto resentment for too long. Scorpios are of two types:
-Eagle Scorpions – These are the ones who have mastered their ego and are like living spiritual masters.
-Dark Scorpions – These are the ones who wallows in ego and stings others with revenge /dishonesty and manipulate willfulness.

Life is a game for them. They have a friendly ,easy-to-get-along energy. Sagittarius lead a charmed life and is associated with “lucky” planet Jupiter. They stay neutral when conflict arises. Sagittarius love to travel and always look at the bright side. But they fail to notice other people’s emotions. They have a tendency to exaggerate and elaborate things. A sagittariun should learn to respect emotions.

They are born old and acquire youth later in life. Extremely hardworking and unafraid of death. They stand up for themselves. Capricorn can handle whatever is thrown at them. However they have a tendency of becoming a workaholic and have unbalanced schedules. They appear cynical and sarcastic. A capricorn should learn to be less blunt.

They are famous for living in their heads rather than their hearts, brilliant thinkers. Aquarian are very open and expressive. They are willing to discuss their trials and lessons and pass along the wisdom (Perfect example MR.SPOCK FROM STAR TREK). Aquarian have a tendency to predict future trends. But they have the tendency of staying aloof!

They are KNOWN AS PARTNERS FOR LIFE. If u have one they will stay for life! They are known to be loyal to the core. Pisces have taste for all fancy things in life and they just cant stop dreaming. They are the DREAMERS. They turn out to be the best secret keepers and u can share with them anything under the sky. However they might get excessively involved in Alcohol or betting when things don’t turn out their way! They should learn to accept the reality!

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