Although your intuition is functioning at a very high level today, you still prefer working with verifiable data. But don’t be too quick to dismiss a hunch, even if you can’t substantiate it with a shred of facts. The receptive Cancer Moon in your 3rd House of Communication acts like a radio tuning into signals that are coming from unidentifiable broadcast stations.

Your extrasensory perceptions are on point now, so trust what you feel in your gut, whether or not you can justify your sources. Sonia Choquette wrote, “Your sixth sense should be your first sense.”

Friendships that once ended tend to return to your life today, only to remind you what you have left behind. All things that ended did end for a reason, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have their place in your life anymore.

Try not to be dismissive of people and situations from the past. Everything that starts repeating itself is there to remind you of unresolved matters you didn’t attend to correctly. Be thankful for second chances instead of pushing them away.

All work and no play makes for a dull individual and if your social or emotional life has suffered due to attention being focused on professional pursuits, then you have a chance to put this right. Don’t feel you need to go an extreme and paint the town red; just reestablishing key connections might be all that’s required to bring some heartwarming responses that you’ll be glad to receive.

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18, 29, 34, 35, 40, 44

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