Being a fire sign they belong to the Aries and Leo clad but still very different from them. They channelise the fire in them in a very different and yet positive way. Oh yes I am definitely talking about the Sagittarius Sign. This sign of the zodiac is far far from being cunning. I would like to call them a the “Mirror Of The Zodiac“.

Why? You know there are some people in life who would show you the reality. The difference between REAL and REEL. They are the ones. So if you have them in your life thank your stars for an honest friend. Someone is surly going to be true to you and make sure you have one of your foot balanced on the ground.

They are simple people easy to please so if you have your eye on them just Make note of these thing and you are surely going to bang an important part in their life.

1. Brutally Honest
People of this zodiac are so honest that they just can’t manipulate words. At times they end up hurting and realise they shouldn’t have said what they did. But that’s their true beauty. They are just so REAL.

2. High On Energy
These people are always curious always learning and hence always growing. Isn’t this a beautiful thing. Only a curious mind can learn. The one who is satisfied has least hunger for it. So if you have them around you’re bound to get rich in your knowledge, Congratulations!

3. Humour
They are born with it. Humorous and Witty, an ultimate combination to win hearts. No doubt why is it easy for them to be friends with almost anyone.

4. Travel Junkies
Most of them have great love for traveling and hence they can’t settle at one place. They need to see the world, learn and grow. And travel fulfils this hunger to the best. So if you want to travel the world they are the best mates. They have the urge to explore almost everything.

5. Dream Big
They are high on life and have big Dreams. Tell them they can’t do it and they will show you how it’s done. Because they are dreamers they work their as*** off to achieve them.

6. Emotional
They are one of those who get attached very easily so they value people and emotions a lot. So if you have some non serious thoughts about them, Stay Away. They aren’t for you. Mess with them and they will remind you that they are a fire sign. Who would want to burn themselves up? Haha.

7. Fickle Minded
The only thing I would point as their drawback is their fickleness. They are so easily convincible that sometimes one might feel that these people do not have their own opinion. Be sweet and nice to them for few minutes and they will all praise you without even knowing how wicked the other person can be.

Also this leads them to many unfaithful friends. They make as many enemies as the number of friends. They Aren’t smart (Clever To Be Precise) in today’s over smart world. This is what hits them hard in life.

It’s good not to be over judgemental in life but one has to learn to judge people in the right way for a better life. A successful person is the one who knows to differentiate between a best friend and a true friend. If Sagittarians work on this aspect they are sure to be one of the most sought after partners for life. /ZodiacFeed

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