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As you prepare for Mercury’s retrograde turn in Taurus today, there is a need to avoid approaching things in haste. A Mercury retrograde phase brings Murphy’s Law into effect, increasing the chances of mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes.

Yet that’s only when you carry on regardless. Approached as it should be, this is a chance to spend time back at the drawing board and to give the past and unsaid words a voice.

You might be disgruntled with your current social standing because it feels as if someone is working against you behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to respond with some kind of coherent plan when you can’t figure out what is really going on.

The closer you get to the truth today, the less confidence you have in the facts you’re uncovering. Worry less about other people now and more about taking care of your own needs. Albert Einstein quipped, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

You don’t understand everything that happened recently and aren’t sure if your abilities are being tested or the truth really came out in the open. Confusion will wear off and soon enough you will have your vision back, seeing things just as they are.

Practicality can take its tall and make you feel as if you are powerless to make the change that is necessary in your emotional world. Have some fun doing what you love and everything will seem lighter and easier.

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