There is reliable energy today for new ideas and visions, particularly related to business, money, practical affairs, and future happiness goals, dear Taurus. However, be sure to seek out activities that refresh your spirit and connections that delight you, you’ll feel stifled if you have to stick with facts and figures alone.

With Neptune in your friendship sector turning retrograde, you are likely to see new layers to a relationship or a person. While you may temporarily feel without a clear direction or anchor in the social side of your life, you’re working towards a more balanced perspective on these matters which will evolve in the coming five-plus months while Neptune is retrograde.

As you see certain plans and possibly even relationships in a new light, refinements may be made to better suit your current situation. Watch for some indecision or confusion in your interactions today As the shift occurs it can be difficult to make precise judgments.

However, you’re in excellent shape for learning through others’ ideas and beliefs.

You might assume the best when someone at work brings you up to date on a particular issue. Normally, having a positive attitude is admirable because it creates a path for growth and accomplishment.

However, the dynamics are tricky today since your optimism could lead you into a situation where you’re over your head. There’s no value in being a pessimist, so be a realist instead.

Psychologist William James wrote, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Even though the Sun and Mercury are yet to return to your communication sector, you’re just a week away from a New Moon that will involve both.

Fortunately Mars is on board and is already on the job. Mars’ job is to smash through communication barriers, with a bulldozer if necessary.

What Mars lacks in diplomacy he makes up for with an abundance of enthusiasm. Continue to focus on smashing through barriers, knowing help is on the way.




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