You’re in a more playful mood since Venus entered your sign on the 6th, dear Taurus, but there can be times when someone close to you feels a little resentful of your spiritedness, or you may have less tolerance for restrictions and obligations, and this can cause some friction in your relationships.

While it can be difficult to do so now, try to get rid of rigid ways of looking at things, and if you find yourself acting out of your insecurities or fears, nip this in the bud as soon as possible.

Tensions arising today are unlikely to be about what they appear to be on the surface. Convincing others to address the root of a problem may be tricky but not impossible!

It feels as if time is running painfully slow today, and everything seems to take longer in reality than on paper. You could adopt a negative attitude this morning on a moment’s notice, especially if you must overcome an obstacle that catches you off guard.

Nothing will be gained by complaining about your bad luck or by attempting to shift the blame to anyone else.

Henna Sohail wrote, “The moment you learn the lesson, the test will be over.”

As much as a clash between the Sun in his final days in your income sector and Saturn in your financial sector is bringing financial tensions to a head, this is critically important.

The Sun moves through your income sector at this time every year, shining the solar spotlight on your income situation and matters.

Yet it will be another 28 years before the Sun is confronted by Saturn again, with the hard taskmaster of the cosmos raising the bar on the income and financial fronts.

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