Even though yesterday’s New Moon launched a work- and health-focused cycle for you, dear Taurus, you’re in a more sociable frame of mind today and tomorrow.

In fact, easing up just a little on your new initiatives makes some sense now as it allows you to return to your work and health goals later more refreshed and with a fresher perspective.

As well, on Sunday, Mars will move into your work sector for a seven-week stay, pushing you to get going on self-improvement efforts.

Today is great for conversations with a trusted friend or partner. You can find it exciting to make long-term plans and goals with that person, or simply to enjoy their point of view. Conversations tend to go deep today.

It may seem as if people aren’t considering your boundaries today when they attempt to convince you to join their causes.

It’s not that you disagree with their positions; it’s just that you don’t like being coerced into taking action before you are ready.

The truth is that your priorities may be different and you cannot commit your time to another endeavor without spreading your resources too thin. Fortunately, you have the power and the right to just say no.

William Shakespeare said, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

The Moon is making its first visit to your relationship sector since Jupiter returned last week and the only visit while Mercury, planet of communication is here. With the Sun still two days away, it will be next month that the Moon returns as a New Moon.

In the early days of this massive new relationship journey, the Moon is able to stir your emotional responses to relationship matters, while Mercury is able to give them a voice. This new journey is now on its way.

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