There can be a small (and temporary) dip in confidence about recent decisions and choices, dear Taurus, but this is only part of the natural ebb and flow of things. In fact, it’s a signal to slow down and make adjustments or take a well-earned break from overthinking things.

You have Mercury in your solar sixth house these days, encouraging you to notice the details and handle the problems, but today, it’s too easy to become distracted to really sink your teeth into something.

Distractions are likely to take the form of friends or ambiguities in your social life, but can take many different shapes now! In fact, if your heart’s not entirely in it, procrastination becomes more attractive.

Keep in mind that negotiations can be tough today, as there is information that is not yet known or that’s easy to overlook. The Moon enters your sign tonight, and the urge to start overtakes hold.

You can put your best foot forward today, convincing everyone that you have everything under control. However, behind the pleasant veneer, your thoughts are tumultuous.

Although you cannot rein in your fantasies, you could minimize their negative effects by burying your feelings.

Fortunately, time is on your side and the Moon’s shift into your sign later in the day offers you a refreshing opportunity to reestablish your emotional equilibrium. Finding your center is as simple as listening to your heart.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

On the other side of yesterday’s Full Moon Jupiter now has a clear run in his final days in your work sector. Yet rather than dismiss any work tension and job pressure over the last few days, embrace the valuable message.

For while Jupiter might be in his final days in your work sector and this might be a push to gain as much traction as possible, things will take until December to fully play out.

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