Feelings of restlessness may be stirred today, dear Cancer, but it can be difficult to know what’s wrong at first. You are seeking a little more meaning from life than usual, but there is a general feeling of being in limbo today with Neptune prominent and in irritating aspect.

Part of you wants to find reliable answers and to apply logic to emotional matters, but ignoring your imagination or intuition will get you further from the truth. A lack of confidence in your perceptions makes matters worse, and the trick is to let go of the craving for facts and to let things be just for now.

Inspiration can’t be forced, so let it come to you naturally. The same goes for intuition. Stepping back from a problem can help. Plans may not pan out to the letter today, but sidetracking may very well lead to new ideas.

An abrupt shift of direction at work may be upsetting at first, especially if you are comfortable with your current assignment.

However, you quickly could see the big picture now, seizing the opportunity to become an integral part of the team. Don’t wait for the dust to settle; jump in without reservation.

Risk-taking isn’t risky if you’re confident in your abilities. Today’s unexpected events can lead to tomorrow’s stability.

As the Moon leaves your career sector today a number of things will happen. The first is that this will bring yesterday’s Full Moon to a close, leaving you with sharp professional instincts and plenty of momentum, but allowing any pressure to drop off.

But this is when things get interesting, for there to run with anything this may have triggered, is a massive line up of income, work and career forces.

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