Not a single cactus grows in the Sahara, as cacti are native only to the Americas. The change that is upon you will still seem weird but a lot easier to accept now that you are in your own terrain. You have the ability to overcome negative emotions and make them work to your benefit today.

If you feel the need to talk to your superiors, be sure to choose every word with care. Hasty and in a rush, it could be hard to hold others in one place for too long, and you have to stay focused and say all you have to say in a specific sentence or two.

There’s so much going on internally right now that it’s hard to return to your senses. It’s easy to get lost when your mind feels like an enchanted labyrinth whose walls shift and change; you might want to sit still until you get your bearings.

But the sure-footed Capricorn Moon in your 9th House of Long-Term Goals bids you to stand up and keep inching forward, even when your progress is uncertain. Focus on the details when the broad strokes are in flux.

If someone thinks you’re perpetually laid-back and don’t possess a short fuse, then they haven’t seen what the color red does to a bull. Minor irritations could build, causing you to feel you’re near the end of your proverbial tether. If you start to see red, that’s your cue to temper your temper. It is possible to channel negative energy in a very positive and constructive way if you want to.

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23, 24, 34, 36, 38, 44

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