Taurus men are kind and lovable and they will accept any form of love that they can. Showing them you love them isn’t a hard act so try to do it as often as possible. Taurus men love confirmation more than anything. They may feel neglected if you don’t mention to them every now and again that you appreciate them. The best ways to show them you love them are below.

Being close with a Taurus man won’t be hard at all if he’s smitten or already head over heals for you. Taurus men are generally open books and they love to get close to people no matter what, but the affection comes in when you start being close to him.

Showing him that you can be close and open will allow him to be himself completely around you and not feel like he has to put on an act. Being close together may bring up some emotions that you would have otherwise not brought up in regular day-to-day conversation, this can be really great because it’s bringing emotional vulnerability into the mix and you’ll both feel open and safe together.

Being close with a Taurus is a gift because once you let them into your world, they will bring you joy with every breath they take and they will try to bring a whole new and unexplored side to your world.

Taurus men are jealous people by nature and there’s almost no way of stopping that. You can take this any way you’d like; flattery is the most beneficial way, though. Taurus men will get jealous when you smile at a barista the wrong way, or what he may take as the wrong way. Most of the time they can’t help doing it, it’s just who they are, it’s a part of them.

Letting him know consistently that nothing is going on and that he is the one you want to be with right now will reassure him that he has you. This will most likely strike a conversation about privacy, or the lack thereof, in your relationship.

As said, Taurus men are open books, and you may quite possibly be too, but sharing isn’t always caring when you’re with a Taurus romantically. They value their privacy in a relationship and they feel like they need to keep you safe.

A thoughtful person is someone who cares for others without a motive, someone who cares for another person out of the kindness of their hearts. This is what a Taurus man is all about. He will try to surprise you with gifts or trips out whenever he can because he is just a thoughtful person at heart.

If you’re not the most thoughtful person out there, try to learn from your other half and plan something nice for the Taurus you love. Going out and doing something you would both enjoy would be ideal, but doing something he loves and seeing him happy and overjoyed will really be a crowd-pleaser.

Taurus men remember the things that matter, so if you are caring and thoughtful, even just at certain times, any Taurus man will remember that day with you.

Honesty is a, if not the biggest, factor in any relationship, but when it comes to Taurus men and their romantic life, it may as well be the only thing on their mind. Being open and completely honest with your Taurus man will have him feeling like you to are tied at the hip emotionally.

Being close to one another is important to him for the reason being that he wants to be able to see a future with you, he senses that there could be one. Honesty is the best policy when dealing with a Taurus man, so prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

Ups and downs occur naturally in any romantic situation, but the ups are a lot more prevalent when you’re with a Taurus man. He will love you for your honesty. Your honesty will show him the real you and you two will be closer because of that.

A Taurus man is easy to love and hard to lose. Showing him your affection can be a simple game if you know how to play it right. Being close and honest is all he needs from you, so be yourself and be happy together. Anna Kovach

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