For a Taurus woman passion in bed is the most interesting and obvious piece of herself. It is good if you want to conquer her, to create the right environment and the right atmosphere, low lights but understated, gentle and romantic music and a nice soft bed, the ideal would be to have silk sheets.

And above all, make sure you have run up a beautiful and tasty dinner and an appropriate drink. Then of course they need a warm, scented bath and a relaxing massage with essential oils. If you can give her those, then you will surely win her!

She does not like: violence, strange movements and excesses or extreme behaviors. It would be nice not to ask her for things that she will not accept from the beginning. It means that if she disagrees and insist there is a great chance to leave.

The only thing you can not accept something that has to do with food! Way you Apply honey or chocolate and to behave like a delicacy! It is advisable not to be hasty to her. Give her the opportunity to decide when she is ready to follow you in bed and you will not miss!

This woman needs confidence. So if she truly believes that you are the man of her life, she offers a comfortable and relaxed self. At bed, she is a volcano and she knows how to travel you with her fantasies.

She is ready to follow you everywhere and take care of you, only if she considers that you are what you’re looking for. If she feels that you are something transient, you will see how difficult, tough and cold she is! She is always looking for the right partner, like the most women around the zodiac.

Taurus Woman Sexual Traits

Taurus woman are very beautiful, independent and protective. They are also at the same time very dominating and they like to take full control of things around them and as well as in the bedroom, they would like to take the lead.

They are not as horny as Aries or a Libra woman but their sex drive and sensuality should never be underestimated, as they are in the end, the bulls.

These woman are also very tender, seductive, sensual and passionate in the bedroom and their would partner would definitely appreciate these qualities of her.

When it comes to sex, she believes in good lovemaking and she will definitely pamper you a lot like a small baby inside the bedroom and you can do nothing but enjoy the caring and pampering of your Taurus girl.

They also get emotionally and physically attached to the one they get close with and once they have sex with you, they would always prefer sleeping with you instead of cheating you with other guys.

These girls also crave for equal attention and tenderness in the bed from their partner as much as they give and they would easily get bogged down if their partner is not always complimenting her or cuddling or kissing her and is just going for the straight traditional sex.

One more thing about a Taurus woman is that she is a little bit lazy and she does not like rough sex or wild things.

She will never say no to experimenting since their partners would love to, but thats it, they don’t like to experiment for their sake but for their partners and they would never take the initiative first.

You should not write her off as boring though because many studies says that a Taurus woman even though not as wild as an Aries or Libra, but surely knows a thing or two to satisfy their partner and give them the pleasure they are looking for.

In the bed they act like caring mama’s pampering and cuddling their partner a lot. They prefer such things almost all the time instead of experimenting or having a rough or wild sex. She is also the kind of woman who needs some space and time to decide when to go to bed with you. At times Taurus woman can become very moody and they also have a tendency to get lazy in the bed allowing their partner to do whatever they want.

Well at this point, these few things of a Taurus woman could affect the sex lives in their relationship. Overall these are very caring and protective woman who will always try her best to make you happy, not necessarily in those wild ways and fetish surprises but through her love and pampering.

Be ready to be treated like a baby and showered with love and kisses if you have a Taurus girlfriend or a wife sleeping besides you in the bed.

SOURCEBased On Materials From Astrologyk
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