While adaptability is often a useful trait, your infamous stubbornness could prove to be an even more valuable asset today. You’re no stranger to sticking to your word, but if your list of rules is more like a restrictive belief system, it may be adversely affecting your health now.

Consider ditching your devotion to a paradigm and putting your own personal wellbeing back at the top of your list.

You’re in a mission-oriented groove today, Taurus, but a frustrating angle between Jupiter and Pluto will make it hard to get others on-board with your plans. Don’t resort to manipulative tactics like guilt-tripping or scorekeeping to draw them in.

It’s probably true that they owe you one. And sure, you might get them to do your bidding, but after that, they could wind up resisting or resenting you. Maybe it’s time to expand your circle of supporters—and even pay for a few hours of professional-grade help that will get you to the finish line much faster.

As keen as you might be to ensure every base is covered or you’ve anticipated every possible outcome to a particular situation, try not over-rehearse or over-analyze what needs and deserves spontaneity to make it happen properly.

Going with the flow or even making something up as you go along might feel daunting or erratic but it will represent the best option. Relax, watch and wait.

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