You might believe you understand the secret mysteries of the universe today. Nothing escapes your acute perceptions. Nevertheless, you can’t exclude people’s emotional reactions to your strange behavior. You don’t live in a vacuum; you’re not isolated from those around you.

Ask others how they are doing and actively listen when they tell you. It’s easy to accept their support, but it’s trickier to integrate valid criticism. A sure sign of maturity is your willingness to widen your perspective in order to be more inclusive in your thinking.

The Moon spends the day in your intimacy sector, dear Taurus, and you’re inclined to take things a little more seriously than usual, especially with Saturn also in this area of your solar chart. You may be able to get the bottom of a problem, or you could pour a lot of energy into something you love doing. However, a block or responsibility can get in the way of doing what you enjoy.

Nevertheless, you are in the right frame of mind for making sensible decisions. Facing reality or dealing with a block can ultimately move you on a path towards making improvements and getting yourself together or life back on track. There can be memories of frustrating or unresolved matters from your past, but don’t let these things rule your mood. Do let them motivate you to kick a bad habit or change your life in positive ways, however!

As you move into the final week of your birthday month you’re in a much better position to walk your truth. It was a Full Moon three days ago that brought the wakeup calls any birthday month must come with. Now, with Mercury just two days away it is time to look to the future.

Mercury will return with a chance to work on your game plan and resolutions. Until then, approach the journey ahead willing to follow your own truth.

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