There are some things that we want to hide from the world forever. Some things we did, some things we said, some things we thought. But to sin, is only human, and your stars affect the way you sin too. Here’s your secret sin, then, according to your zodiac…

1. Aries

You are hot tempered, Aries, and in your occasional murderous rage, you sometimes forget what’s right from wrong. Even though you cool down just as quickly as you flare up, the damage is grave, and it takes a lot of effort on your part to correct your mistake. But you always turn things around, nonetheless.

2. Taurus

You, Taurus, believe that there is one life, and you should do it all, have it all, and live it all. Which is why, sometimes, you go overboard and overindulge in things you like. Whether it is eating more than you are hungry for, or spending more money than you can afford to. Gluttony is your secret sin, but you like no one to know of it.

3. Gemini

You are a mastermind, Gemini, and you can switch from one persona to another in a matter of minutes. Plus, you are a storyteller and can lure anyone towards you, through your tales. But, you sin when you weave a web of lies and blur the lines between fact and fiction. And the thing is, you are so good at lying, that hardly anyone is able to catch you – except your own conscience..

4. Cancer

You love straight from the heart, Cancer, which is why you ignore your loved ones’ flaws completely and start idolizing everything they do. We know you mean the best, but putting someone up on a pedestal for no reason is wrong, and often ends up hurting and disillusioning you more than anyone else.

5. Leo

You have a personality that makes heads turn, Leo. That’s true. But you sin when you channel the confidence that you naturally possess and get arrogant about it. You are a proud lioness, but it’s never a good thing to lose all humility in the act of self-love.

6. Virgo

You are a practical and logical person, who puts reason before emotions. Which is why you almost always take right, well thought out decisions in life. But sometimes, in trying to be the best, you get jealous and start resenting people who are close to you too. Envy is your sin, and because it hardly matches with your reasoning personality, you want it to remain a secret forever.

7. Libra

You love who you are, Libra, but for you, sometimes self-love turns into vanity and all you can think about is how to look your best and dress your best, to make heads turn – with the way you look or the things you do. Self love is the best kind of love, yes, but it isn’t the same thing as narcissism, and there’s a thin line between the two.

8. Scorpio

You are passionate about everything you do in life, and everyone who is a part of your life. But sometimes, this passion turns into lust, and you chase after something or someone only because you love the chase and want to possess whatever it is you have set your heart upon. This single minded focus inspired by lust can be pretty destructive for you actually, which is why you like to keep it hidden away.

9. Sagittarius

You want adventure in life, and crave new things. You just can’t live a mundane, ordinary life, and get bored of it easily. Sometimes, you start feeling like that about your partner too, specially when you’ve been with them for long. But you eventually do make an effort to try and bring back the spark in your relationship, instead of trying to find it somewhere else.

10. Capricorn

You are ambitious, Capri, and the best part is that you have the steely determination required to follow your dreams and achieve them too. But, sometimes, in your need to want it all, you go overboard, and no amount of success or money seems to satisfy you. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and relax and enjoy the things you have achieved.

11. Aquarius

You are super talented Aquarius, and often live in a world of your own making. But because you are often flawless with all tasks given to you, you start assuming you are the smartest one in the room, and start negating whatever others have to say. Let’s not be condescending now, right? Or eventually people will stop appreciating you for all the good stuff you do because of it.

12. Pisces

You are creative, like none other. You can make even ordinary things interesting with your different perspective. But you sin when you get lazy, do not practise your art, and let it just pass you by. You know you are meant for greater things. Don’t vile your time away slothing! Go out and put in the effort that is needed to receive the fruits of your labour.

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