Dear every girl who is reading this, we just want to let you know that, in your own special way, you are awesome! And that includes all the crazy and goofy parts of you too! While there are so many things about you that contribute to making you an awesome person, here’s what makes you irresistible, according to your zodiac…

1. Aries

You, dear Aries woman, are the fiery child of adventure, courage and passion. It is your independence and your badass attitude towards life that makes you so absolutely irresistible to men! You have what it takes to set a man’s world on fire… And he knows it!

2. Taurus

A goddess of all things fine, you are very hard to resist. You attract attention wherever you go and do so in the most graceful way possible. Your charm, poise and effortless sensuality drive men into a frenzy of fantasies the minute they lay their eyes on you.

3. Gemini

You, Gemini, are the beauty with brains. Unapologetically witty, unabashedly humorous and effortlessly intelligent, you make people go ‘Wow’ in your very first conversation with them. You exude innocence and lip-biting sensuality in the perfect proportions which is oh-so-sexy!

4. Cancer

You have a mystical aura about you that is so hard to miss and so tempting to explore. Your spontaneity and charm combined with all the secrets you seem to be holding deep within yourself just make you the perfect magic spell with the ability to leave men just a little bit spellbound and wanting for more.

5. Leo

Oh, Leo, you are hot and you know it. Your regal and commanding presence is something that makes people do a double-take when you enter the room. You ooze unmatched elan and carry your fire with confidence – which is more enticing than you can imagine.

6. Virgo

If grace were a person, it would be you, Virgo. There is an air of silent knowledge about you that makes people believe that there is so much more depth to you than is visible… And men are tempted to dive into those depths in the hopes of discovering the treasure that lies at the bottom of the sea. Let’s just say you quietly charm your way into their hearts and become a desire they just cannot leave unquenched.

7. Libra

You are the head-turner and the show-stopper that people cannot possibly get enough of…especially men. Your beauty and style are other-worldly and your confidence is so natural and innate that it leaves people in awe of you. And you know what they say, right? There is nothing sexier than a confident woman.

8. Scorpio

Unabashedly bold and unflinchingly passionate, you conjure up a storm that men just cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. Your raw magnetism and infectious energy is more than enough to make them fantasize about you for days!

9. Sagittarius

You believe in the motto of ‘throw caution to the wind’. You, girl, are the tornado that sweeps men off their feet, by virtue of your carefree and curious nature. You are the person who is not afraid of living on the edge or taking a chance and that is exactly what makes you even more irresistible to the opposite sex.

10. Capricorn

You, Capricorn, are the embodiment of flair and ease. Your calm demeanour, accompanied by your feisty wit, are enough to get anyone drunk on you. You are highly ambitious, wise beyond your years, patient and practical. Men see you as calm waters amidst a world of chaos and that’s just too tempting for them to ignore.

11. Aquarius

You, Aquarius, are a trendsetter. You are always a forerunner no matter what the race is. Your fast pace is inviting to all men who love the taste of adventure. You can be plain Jane and also a sweet seductress, changing in the blink of an eye, which keeps men on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

12. Pisces

You are dreamy and have a subtle mystical aura around you. You are imaginative and highly intuitive which is why you do not reveal all of yourself to everyone. To men, you are like the quest they need to embark upon in order to reveal who you truly are and the excitement of that is just too much for them to ignore. /by Manika Parasher

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