Scheduling is one of the most important parts of parenting and Taurus posses this skill naturally. You are great with a “to do list” and whipping up a consistent calendar. Kids thrive on expectation and a predictable routine and you will no doubt give it to them. Your steady presence will instill your kids with a sense of reliability and confidence.

You Taurus moms are super savvy when it comes to figuring out how to navigate the messy stuff. This will come in handy in all aspects of parenting. You love finding the smartest route to solve a problem and the best way there. Think: quickest route to school, best way to tackle homework. Get ready for this to come in handy around one hundred times a day.

You can be a tough-ass. Be careful you don’t confuse healthy discipline with being plain old stubborn and unwavering. As much as you feel you need to always be right, you need to balance this tendency with lots of listening. Be open to discovering who your kids are and accepting their differences. This may soften you up a bit when you refuse to give in, again and again.

Taurus need to keep an eye on their spending. While you are firmly rooted in the reality of your finances, you can also go ga-ga for the frivolous trappings of the material world. Let’s face it, kids stuff is cute, and you want yours to have the best. Be mindful to track your needs vs. your desires when it comes to spending on the kiddos to make them look cute.

As much as you can’t help but be a bit of a tough lover when you dig your heels into the ground about something you are also affectionate and loving with your kids. You are a mama bear in the truest sense, protective and a good provider. This also means lots of loves and cuddles.

You have high moral standards and have no problem sharing your values with your kids. You will teach them to have a strong moral compass and know right from wrong. This will also help you during those slippery times when you may too tired to put your foot down and just want to let your kids run amuck. You’ll naturally make the right decisions to do things the right way and not the lazy way.

You love all things home. You will make a warm nest for your family. You also love the outdoors and nature. Making the effort to schedule outdoor activities for your kids will be essential. You’ve made such a cozy home environment, be careful not to let your homebody sensibilities influence your kids too much. They need to get out and run and see and do!

Taurus moms should be able to easily cultivate a tight knit group of mom friends. You have a knack for nourishing deep, trust-worthy and lasting friendships and you pick your peeps wisely. This group will be your strongest asset when faced with parenting challenges. While you may not be the first to air out, they will find your support and trust a touchstone during tough times. This in turn will feed your soul just when you need it.

You can be withholding when it comes to showing your emotions and expressing the more difficult feelings. This can be a two-headed sword when it comes to parenting. This tough veneer can protect your children from witnessing major mommy meltdowns and this is a good thing. When kids experience their parent’s stressin gout, it creates their own stress. However, you do want to mirror healthy self-expression, especially around challenging feelings. Don’t be afraid to talk about feelings of sadness or vulnerability, even if showing them can be too challenging for you at times. /by Emily Wagner

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