A Mars-Jupiter connection today supports your efforts to improve, grow, and develop, dear Taurus, particularly with your work, talents, money, and habits. You’re super motivated to improve your health and wellness as well as the enjoyment of your everyday life.

You feel that you can accomplish practically anything you set your mind to, and motivation to make more money or enjoy the work you do is on the rise.

You may gain the opportunity to put your talents and skills to full use. You have an excellent sense of timing and ability to solve problems right now, and the feeling that you can overcome challenges or obstacles that might normally block your progress is with you.

Everything you touch turns to gold today. Luckily, you can escape from the curse of King Midas, but there’s no reason to tempt fate by allowing greed to influence your decisions. You might just get what you want, assuming you’re realistic about the energy you’re willing to expend now.

A bad judgment call earlier in the day could create a major energy drain by evening. Thankfully, your common sense rides to the rescue if you allow it to guide your choices.

Aristotle wrote, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

There are three major planetary alignments today and two of them have a direct financial impact. On one hand you have Saturn, in retrograde motion in your financial sector, aligned with forces that are not only fuelling your financial instincts and imagination, but are triggering Eureka moments. On the other hand Mars, in your income sector, is building some serious bridges with job and career forces.

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