The Moon is in a complementary position to your sign today, dear Taurus, and you’re likely to find rather easy and natural expression of your emotions. Even so, your eagerness can prompt you to take on more than you can handle.

If kept in check, there is high energy with you today for thinking in big terms, considering options you haven’t yet entertained or felt possible, and opening your mind to new ideas.

If worry about the future gets you into a frustrated or controlling frame of mind, take steps to pull yourself out, as this kind of compensation never truly soothes you. Look for opportunities to get out and about or to explore new topics as means of some emotional refreshment now.

Nearly four weeks after retrograding back out of Taurus Mercury is back. Cleverly this smart and intellectually savvy planet was here in the early days of your birthday month and has returned for the final days, but missed the majority of it.

This gave you the freedom to simply explore your options and to observe without over thinking things. Now, just five days before your birthday month ends Mercury returns to help you get down to the details.

The big picture becomes crystal clear today, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to initiate action just yet. The fact is that imagining your success is more important than starting the next phase of your journey. Your planning process might lead you to make significant adjustments to your overall strategy.

Don’t try to push the river any faster than it’s currently flowing. Remain open to altering your course as your perspective changes. Marcel Proust wrote, “My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.”

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