Although we may have weaknesses, our strengths are what people will remember. Our strengths are what guide us and ultimately shape the people that we are. What is your biggest strength? Let’s see what your zodiac says…


You, Aries, are extremely fond of exploring and discovering new things – about yourself as well as the world around you. Although you are a sensitive individual, you never rely on anyone else for your happiness or anything else for that matter. That is your biggest strength – your independence. You are free-spirited and not afraid of embarking on journeys and adventures all on your own.


There is no one as determined as you, Taurus. You are known to be persistent and extremely reliable. If you really want something, you are willing to put in as much hard work and wait for as long as needed. Your biggest strength is your patience. You don’t let passing time or even people take that away from you.


You, Gemini, are curious and very lively by nature. You are full of wit and never lose an opportunity to communicate your feelings to those around. Your biggest strength, however, is your ability to adapt to any situation in life. You are versatile as a person and this versatility allows you to blend in and make friends anywhere and everywhere you go.


You’re an emotional one, Cancer. You would be willing to do anything and go to any lengths for your loved ones. You have a very nurturing and loving nature. This is your biggest strength. The love you have for people always allows you to see the good in them – and for this reason you always end up making relationships that last you a lifetime.


Your charismatic personality ensures that you are always at centre stage, Leo. You are full of warmth and optimism and this is what others find so attractive about you. Your biggest strength is your ability to able to convince anyone about anything. You have great leadership skills – and this is what leads people to have faith in your words and actions.


You, Virgo, are extremely modest and practical. You like to know about the world around you and rarely leave a chance to gather information. Your biggest strength is your curiosity. Your curiosity is what enables you to be worldly wise and smart at the same time. There is no one that can fool you, Virgo – you know too much!


You are a true lover of peace, Libra. You like to maintain a calm environment around you – and go to great lengths to ensure that there is harmony. Your biggest strength is your tact. You can deal with and handle any situation or person, all thanks to your tact in dealing with them. You are diplomatic, but not manipulative. And that is what makes you so strong as an individual.


You are emotional and passionate, Scorpio. Although you are fierce on the outside, you have a rather sensitive disposition. But there is no one that can take you for granted… You are extremely intuitive and always just know who you can and cannot trust. That is your biggest strength – your intuition. Your gut never lies to you – and you always know how to pick up on little signals!


Your optimistic nature is your biggest strength, Sagittarius. No matter what happens in life, you always know how to pick yourself up and move on. You don’t linger or feel bad for yourself for too long. You believe that something good always awaits, even after a storm – and you are right!


You are ambitious, Capricorn, but at the same time also very practical. While you put all your effort into a task once you start, you know how to differentiate between the achievable and the unachievable. Your honest and practical nature is your biggest strength. You are not one to lie to yourself or give yourself false hope. You don’t believe in living in denial. You see things as they are and are not afraid to tell them like you see them.


You, Aquarius, are extremely friendly by nature. You are, however, not one to follow – you have your own original style and personality and you flaunt it proudly. Your biggest strength is your unpredictable nature. You are not volatile, but rather unpredictable in a refreshing way. You like to keep things exciting and original – and believe in using your creativity and imagination to the fullest!


There is no one as compassionate and kind as you, Pisces. You are selfless and sympathetic and always believe in helping people. Your biggest strength is your go-with-the-flow attitude! You’re not one to have fixed ideas and notions about people or things. You like to keep an open mind and go where life takes you.

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