When it comes to emotional or material attachments these days, dear Taurus, limitations, restrictions, and fears may complicate them with Saturn in your solar eighth house (until December). With Chiron and now the Sun in challenging aspect to Saturn, you may be dealing with blocks or clogs in these areas.

Relationship problems or issues of support can emerge. Consider that fears may be holding you back from enjoying your life more fully. Accept delays as the chance to slow down and get things right. Later today, you could find that your personal goals and demands of your home life or need for familiarity may be at odds with one another, and it makes sense to look for balance.

You can easily fool yourself into believing you’re on the right track today. However, you’re in for a rude awakening if you run out of resources before you finish your work. But you’re not one to take no for an answer once you’ve made a plan to reach your destination.

You might need some assistance, so don’t let pride stand in your way of asking for help now. Brene Brown wrote, “What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”

We tend to rush through our days so fast that we fail to notice the simple things. Have you ever wandered what it would be like to time travel back into the past and just observe a day in your home and family life?

Imagine your future you was wondering the same thing, except about travelling back to observe what you’re too busy to notice now. You don’t need to be a time traveller. It’s the normality of life that we fail to notice, yet it’s so important.

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